Axis webinars – July 2020

Axis webinars – July 2020

2020/07/07         10:00am Eastern Europe Summer Time (Bucharest, GMT+03:00)

Install and manage with Axis Device Manager     

  • Thousands of Axis devices at your fingertips with easy, cost-effective and secure management platform
  • Ways to manage all major installation, security & operational tasks, single or multiple site installations
  • Fast, easy configuration of new devices with backup and restore settings
  • Efficient installation of firmware upgrades and applications
  • Cybersecurity controls by managing HTTPS and IEEE 802.1x certificates, accounts and passwords


2020/07/21         10:00am Zagreb Time  (GMT+1:00)

Axis Companion Proven video surveillance for business owners to rely on .

  • Adapt to Simple use and effortless control from anywhere.
  • Remote access and management.
  • View and export your video remotely with Axis Secure Remote Access technology.  
  • Flexible users and privilege management.


25.08.2020           10:00 Zagreb Time  (GMT+1:00)

IT soul of Axis

Although we operate mainly in the security market we are an IT company. Find out more about the impact this has on the offer and benefits for our customers.

During this session, you will learn about:

  • VAPIX and ACAP
  • Developer Community
  • Firmware or OS?
  • Cybersecurity and maintenance
  • Cameras, audio – all IP"