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Stay updated online - Register for Axis webinars!

23 travnja 2020

2020/04/28         13:00 Zagreb Time  GMT+1:00     

AXIS IP Audio Solutions - Audio made smart and easy

You will be benefiting form:

  • get to know the difference between the analog and IP audio,
  • get familiar with Axis Ip audio solution,
  • get familiar with use cases and get an update on Axis IP audio portfolio.


2020/05/12         10:00 Bucharest Time    

AXIS Site Designer - Faster from draft to done     

  • Learn how to multiply your design potential, your time savings from start to finish and generate a complete bill of materials in minutes
  • Design any surveillance system - small or large - with VMS and products from Axis or partners
  • Plan camera placement and coverage easily with the new maps-feature
  • Generate a quotation and change items in your bill of materials in minutes
  • Import camera and recording settings into your VMS and share notes with installers in seconds"


2020/05/19         10:00 Zagreb Time  GMT+1:00   

AXIS Guard Suite - Axis's tools for active video surveillance.          

  • Learn about AXIS Guard Suite and the benefits of video analytics.
  • Get familiar with motion, intrusion and loitering detection
  • Learn about AXIS Motion Guard, AXIS Fence Guard, AXIS Loitering Guard
  • See examples of user cases.